4 events of GES Global worth waiting for in April

April is expected to be a boom time for GES Global with many major events in series. With the launch of the InTime e-commerce platform and the opening of the deposit and withdrawal port on Bvnex, the company clearly shows ambition to expand its operations in the Vietnamese market.

The amount of GES burned reached 468 million tokens

On March 30, GES Global has just started burning a large number of GES on smart contracts. The Singapore company said that the amount of GES burned has reached 468 million tokens, accounting for about 93% of the total supply. This is said to be a very unexpected decision of the project development team.

Current total supply of GES

Late last year, GES Global announced its plan to burn GES within five years. The company said it will hold a monthly burning (5 million GES per month) until it removes 300 million GES, equivalent to 60% of the issued tokens.

“Over the past few months, the GES burning plan has shown remarkable efficiency, GES purchasing power has increased significantly and attracted the attention of many big names”, Adam Lim, CEO of GES Global, explained for the move above. “However, GES Global’s desire is to increase benefits for the investor community. Therefore, we choose to accelerate the token burning process as a solution to boost the value of GES, making the project more attractive to investors in the long term, thereby reinforcing confidence in the project”.

Like famous cryptocurrency issuers like Binance or Ripple, GES Global hopes this solution will help the project conquer new milestones in the development roadmap. To check the current total supply of GES, investors can visit the link here.

Open the GES deposit and withdrawal port on Bvnex

In April, GES Global will officially open the deposit and withdrawal gate of GES on Bvnex trading floor. Thereby, investors can use GES to trade with USDT, as well as many other cryptocurrencies in the future.

 “We evaluate Vietnam as a potential market for growth based on the Internet and cryptocurrency penetration rate”, said GES Global. The company cites data from Statista, pointing out that Vietnam is the second most popular country in the world in terms of cryptocurrency popularity. On average, one in five Vietnamese respondents reported using or owning digital assets.

About Bvnex, this is a centralized cryptocurrencies exchange based in Ho Chi Minh city. Although newly established in 2019, it quickly becomes a trusted address connecting crypto holders in Vietnam.

The advantage of this exchange is that it has its own Launchpad with a streamlined interface. Bvnex also has a Vietnamese consultant team and has a relatively large withdrawal limit. Even without KYC, investors can withdraw up to 1 BTC per day. Upon completion of the KYC level, the daily withdrawal limit goes up to 100 BTC.

InTime E-commerce platform entered Alpha Test

As announced in the previous post, InTime e-commerce platform will move to Alpha Test in early April. During this time, brands and sellers registered as InTime partners will be entitled to. Many attractive offers, including free discount and a Click encrypt voucher for every successful transaction.

InTime is considered as an important link in GES Global’s product and service ecosystem thanks to its unique operating model in the market. Unlike e-commerce platforms like Amazon, all InTime products do not have a public price. Instead, buyers need to own a Click voucher to view prices and pay. A special feature is the corresponding reduction in product value after each price flip. Of course, the buyer also has the right to decide whether to buy immediately or wait to see the next price.

“That way, the buyer has the opportunity to own the desired product at the lowest price in the market, while the seller can get the full profit without applying discounts to entice customers. goods, “InTime’s representative spoke at the investor meeting on March 25.

InTime is an e-commerce platform developed by InTime Click and licensed to Cyber ​​Media company to exploit in Vietnam. As a partner of GES Global, InTime will accept payment for orders in GES and other cryptocurrencies in the future.

Launch of casino game portal

After the impressive appearance of the LuckyLott crypto lottery system, GES Global is planning to release a new casino game portal. Details of this product portal have not been announced yet, but GES Global said it fully recreates the experience in an authentic casino with a full range of games from Slot, Roulette, Blackjack to Texas Hold’em. Besides the huge prize in GES and USDT, impressive graphics and sound will be the highlight of the game. GES Global plans to open a new casino game portal by the end of April.