5 biggest blockchain project during the ICO period

Here are the ICO projects worth investing in on a clear roadmap, groundbreaking ideas and followed by highly qualified development teams.

Prometheus (PRO)


For Prometheus, users can connect and convert data between many different blockchain platforms such as Prometheus, Ethereum, Stellar … This helps the transaction perform smoothly and reduce operating costs. Prometheus plans to ICO in the period from 1 February to 1 May, the price per token is 0.1 USD.

GES Token (GES)

GES Token.

GES is an encrypted payment system, developed on the basis of blockchain technology according to the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. In particular, GES Token is the fuel operating for the ecosystem, allowing owners to exchange in the game or through Gexchang.io.

The value of GES Token is expected to skyrocket when launched globally, bringing profits to investors. The ICO period starts in May 2020 with a token price of $ 0.35 per token.

Blockchain of Things (BOTS)

Blockchain of Things.

Blockchain of Thing allows investors to create their own blockchain application, arbitrarily granting access, while ensuring security. BOTS started launching ICO in early 2020 with a token price of $ 0.0013.

2Local (L2L)


2Local is the platform that connects customers and brands. L2L has now been used by some banks as part of the payback incentive program. After the success of the first version, the L2L developer aims to build relationships with major partners in 2020. The L2L ICO round ends in March with a token price of $ 0.13 per token.

MillionCoin (MON)


MillionCoin was built with the goal of becoming the platform for buying goods that use cryptocurrency. MON developer committed to help brands reach potential customers with the advantage of a much lower cost than traditional advertising. MON pressed on ICO in late 2019 with a price per token. is 0.24 USD.