10 Cryptocurrencies worth investing in 2020

Here is Top 10 sustainable value cryptocurrency that are attracting the attention of global investors.

Bitcoin (BTC)


Thanks to the advantage of appearing earliest in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin keep a certain development. With peer-to-peer protocol, Bitcoin ignore all intermediaries when user make a transaction. This means the transaction fee of bitcoin is almost 0.

The disadvantage of Bitcoin is slow authentication time. However, it is offset by the ability of simple trading. The market capitalization of BTC has reached 102 Billion USD

Ethereum (ETH)


With a market capitalization of 14 Billion USD, ETH is ranked right after Bitcoin. ETC is developed based on open source Blockchain. In addition to overcoming the disadvantages of Bitcoin, the developer also encourages users to mine through mining pools instead of individually. ETH is the most stable and strongest growth coin after BTC.

Ripple (XRP)


XRP with a market capitalization of 6.8 Billion USD, XPR is used on real-time with the same name. With the development period long than Bitcoin, XPR aims to solve quickly and minimize costs for users who use credit cards, Paypal, banks or other organizations.

Tether (USDT)


USDT is known as a digital version of USD. The value of USDT guaranteed by real USD, it means 1 USD is equal 1 USDT. This gives it a stable advantage over any other virtual currency on the market. Aiming to be easy and fast in trading, users can now store USDT instead of USD.

Cardano (ADA)


ADA has a lot of common with ETH. This is simple to understand because these two coins share the same founder named Charles Hoskinson. It still has some differences with ETH because it concentrates on the issues that related to international payments. Specifically, ADA minimizes the time and cost of this market.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash.

BCH is a different cryptocurrency than BTC, but the transaction addresses (send and receive BTC and BCH) are exactly the same. BCH value doubled in the first day of issuance and is expected to be the future of cryptocurrencies. The current market capitalization of BCH is US $ 3.1 billion. However, BCH is difficult to explore and not really popular on electronic platforms.

Litecoin (LTC)


LTC shares the same source code with BTC, but thanks to the Scrypt algorithm, LTC has a block creation speed 4 times faster than BTC. This makes it the fastest cryptocurrency in the world. With a limited number of issues and a small community, LTC is less risky than other currencies.

Chainlink (LINK)


LINK is considered as the need to connect the blockchain and the real world. Published in 2017, developer Smart Contract Chainlink Ltd designed to help LINK convert two-way data from blockchain to the real world.

Maker (MKR)


MKR was created with the goal of stabilizing the value of DAI cryptocurrencies via smart contracts. Released in 2017, MKR is deployed on Blockchain with a foundation built from Ethereum.

GES Token (GES)

GES Token.

Although newly appeared, GES Token quickly resonated in the cryptocurrency market. GES Token is an ERC-20 Token play a role of trading method within the GES Group ecosystem. Based on the amount of Token currently owned, investors will benefit from game sales, GES wallet, Gexchange.io … Especially during the ICO, GES Global allows investors to send take interest from 3 to 6 months cycles with interest rates up to 9%.