Benefits of joining the GES ecosystem

GES Group’s blockchain and payment Token platform helps developers bring more value to the community, while minimizing operational costs.

Blockchain technology is considered the future of the gaming industry, can be widely applied in the field of advertising and protecting the interests of users.

To solve the problem of the traditional trading system which is still inadequate, GES Global project is implemented with the goal of supporting developers through the issuance of tokens as a reliable and guaranteed payment method by smart contract.

Benefits for developers

GES Group provides a set of tools for partners to create high-quality applications and games and expand their own networks. Developers are also encouraged to attract more members to join the community and organize promotions through the GES Group ecosystem.

It is worth noting that operating costs in the ecosystem only account for a very small percentage based on activity. Most of this money is circulated to serve the system. In addition, small or newly established partners enjoy preferential policies, refunded by Token to support the initial cost.

Based on the relationship between partners in the game industry, GES Group is ready to become an intermediary connecting developers with famous streamer, blogger and KOL, at the same time supporting the organization of eSports tournaments and live streaming via livestream platforms.

Benefits for users

GES Token.

Any token owner can participate in the platform administration. Upon completion of the mission in the ecosystem, users will receive GES Token and convert directly to other currencies on the electronic trading platform.

For online games on the GES Group platform, players have permanent ownership and purchase of items. Because each item, character, and item is tied to a unique GES Token code, players can make transactions between different games, depending on the developer policy.

This is considered a big advantage of blockchain games compared to traditional game models. Players do not have to worry about losing access to assets in the game that the developer closes the centralized server, thereby saving maximum “plowing” time when starting a new game. In addition, blockchain-based games have high transparency thanks to storage transactions and enable smart contract auditing.

GES Group considers users and developers as shareholders and pledges to pay rewards based on the token hold. The reward is deducted from the revenue of the game ecosystem, GES Wallet, …

Currently, some “giants” of the game industry such as GemVip, Octopus, Play Royal Casino, Game Wallet Portal … have joined the GES Group ecosystem. The company is aiming to reach 5 million players in 5 Asian countries and in 2021.