Chance to win hundreds of thousands of USDT with 20 GES on LuckyLott

LuckyLott promises to offer great deals for GES owners to participate in the new type of crypto lottery experience, including the chance to win a jackpot worth tens of thousands of USDT when buying lottery tickets with GES.

LuckyLott, an online lottery issuer, just signed a strategic partnership agreement with GES Global earlier this week.

According to the developer, the LuckyLott electronic lottery service will officially operate from January 24. Every day, the company will hold three lucky number draw sessions on these time frames:  03:00 UTC, 09:00 UTC and 15:00 UTC. Results are based on the exchange rate of the BTC / USDT trading pair on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

“LuckyLott offers players a new, safe and transparent way to enjoy the coin lottery.” said the LuckyLott development team. “You can track your lottery tickets at any time through LucktLott’s Telegram bot. After each round, the results and the winner will be announced widely on our media channels ”.

To participate, players only need to visit the official LuckyLott website located here. Then, start the @LuckyLott_Bot by clicking on the Telegram icon (or scanning the QR code) and follow the instructions.

A lucky lottery ticket priced at only 10 USDT or 20 GES, players will be able to receive countless exciting rewards on LuckyLott. In particular, the Jackpot prize starts at 25,000 USDT and is continuously accumulated until the winner is found. Even without predicting the exact order of the lucky numbers, players still have a chance to receive a Mini Jackpot – 100 times the value of the lottery ticket.

LuckyLott reward mechanism

All prizes are based on BTC / USDT trading pair rate. LuckyLott chooses the second decimal of the open price (O), highest price (H), lowest price (L), and lowest price (C) to determine the winner.

  • Jackpot Prize: Predict all four numbers correctly in order of O – H – L – C.
  • Mini Jackpot: Predict correctly four numbers need not be in order.
  • Lucky Lott Prize 3: Predict correctly three numbers in order of H – L – C.
  • Lucky Lott Prize 2: Predict correctly two numbers in order of L – C.


LuckyLott rewards based on the results and the type of ticket that players buy. The prize will be automatically transferred to the winner’s account after the results are announced.

Future is bright

With the emergence of the decentralized e-commerce platform InTime, the LuckyLott crypto lottery service promises to help GES Global improve user experience and increase GES liquidity.

The deal with LuckyLott shows GES Global’s efforts to boost the popularity of cryptocurrencies globally. The company commits to continue working with reputable partners in the industry to expand the product and service ecosystem around GES token in the coming time.

For any questions about electronic lottery service, please contact LuckyLott’s communication channels.