GemVip: The best casino game publisher in Asia

GemVip is a reward game system that affirms its prestige in South East Asia and international markets.

GemVip offers a variety of game-changing game ecosystems like some playing card games and a series of quality slot games. GemVip’s sound and graphics systems are designed to give you a true casino-like feel.

With an intuitive interface and offers two multilingual options, players can easily get acquainted without encountering any difficulties.

GemVip is developed on the open blockchain ecosystem of GES Group. Therefore, players do not have to worry about losing assets in the game. The publisher stated that the strategic cooperation agreement with GES Group promises to bring extremely interesting experience for gamers.

Factors that make the difference between GemVip and traditional betting games are in the publisher’s policy. Specifically, the game only accepts GEM Token (GEM) as the only payment method. All forms of using cash in the game are prohibited, thereby maintaining a healthy environment and helping players avoid legal troubles in all operating countries.

Players can also store GEM on the GES Wallet. GES Wallet is a decentralized electronic wallet that does not keep players’ funds or interfere with the process, so it minimizes the risk of hacker attacks, while ensuring transparency and privacy.

GemVip’s gameplay footage.

Besides, the publisher GemVip continuously organizes eSports tournaments with a total prize value of thousands of USDT. After each tournament, the system will be refreshed to ensure fairness for both new and old players.

“At the end of the tournament, the winner just needs to contact the administrator and provide GES Wallet wallet address to receive the prize,” GemVip revealed. “The next tournament will start at the end of this month with hundreds of prizes and huge prizes.”

Another plus point of GemVip is the number of players and customer care team ready to support 24/7. In addition to PCs, the game is now available on two popular mobile platforms Android and iOS. Thereby, players can entertain the dramatic game at any time.

In future, GemVip plans to deploy GEM distribution agent system to expand the community. The publisher plans to integrate livestream feature directly in the game to attract the attention of the streamers and KOL.