GES Token: Low risk, high profit

GES Token is a cryptocurrency that expect to bring high profit, lowest risk and optimal operation in GES ecosystem.

GES Token is developed by GES GROUP – a business with well experienced in game administration, blockchain and other financial business services. Different from traditional games, GES Token user can play game or move their in-game assets to another games or platform, as long as these games system use GES ecosystem.

GES Token holders will have the opportunity to become a shareholder of GES GROUP on the way to conquer the booming market of online video games. Each person will receive benefits according to the revenue from the system calculated by the amount of GES Token owned. This mechanism helps increase the demand for ownership and value of the GES Token, and the growth rate will be more sustainable.

The starting price of 1 GES Token listed on international exchanges is USD 0.35 (expected listing time is Q2 / 2020). The value of GES Token will be multiplied many times when GES products are introduced and popularized with partners around the world. Because the GES Token users’ profit type comes from the game ecosystem, partners use the GES Wallet e-wallet, transaction fees come from …

Although GES is not the first unit to apply digital transformation in the field of games, but with the innovation of technology in maintaining information integrity and property ownership, GES provides useful tools. useful for games such as decentralized asset exchanges or the ability to conduct high-speed transactions. It can be said that this is an extremely potential market, bringing in large revenue for investors and strategies

Compared to other markets such as Western Europe or South America, the Southeast Asian market is growing rapidly and is much more consistent. In 2019 alone, this market has more than $ 4.3 billion in revenue, up more than 13.9% over the previous year. It is not uncommon for companies that want to publish games or enhance their presence to take Southeast Asia as a key market.

The great advantage of GES is developing and building an ecosystem that is pioneer on technological and business trend, leading the future of gaming industry. GES Token will be a digital assets in many ecosystems with great potential.