MU Season 15 publisher reached a strategic agreement with GES Group

According to some industry sources, Kingdom Game, the publisher of MU Season 15, has just become the latest name to join the GES Global blockchain ecosystem.

The details of the deal have not been revealed, but Kingdom Game hopes to provide players with convenient payment tools, while ensuring permanent ownership and exchange of in-game assets. The company will soon add a feature that allows the use of Token stored in GES Wallet to buy Wcoin, the main currency of MU Season 15.

This deal is considered a breakthrough of Kingdom Game by blockchain technology which is famous for its security and immutability. The operation on a decentralized network helps MU Season 15 minimize incidents due to transmission overload or hacker attacks, as well as increasing transparency.

Different from the centralized model (one server and many clients) of traditional online games, players do not have to worry about publishers stopping MU Season 15 anytime. As long as the MU Season 15 network in the blockchain is active, the game still exists. Thereby, the new publisher can take over the game if it still has potential.

GES Global is an ambitious blockchain project implemented by GES Group in 2020, aiming to promote the booming eSport movement around the globe. “We work closely with traditional game developers and blockchain games, and other ecosystems that use blockchain to take advantage of all the opportunities to expand the ecosystem,” GES Group said.

In addition to Kingdom Games, GES Global also attracts the attention of many other “giants” in other gaming industries such as GemVip, Digital Octopus, Play Royal Casino, Game Wallet Portal … GES Group aims to reach 5 million players in Asian countries next year.