The potential of GES Global

GES Global is considered one of the crypto projects not to be missed in 2020 thanks to its long-term orientation aimed at promoting the gaming and blockchain industry.
What is GES Global
GES Global is a project of GES Group to build a blockchain platform and Token system to replace the traditional obsolete payment methods. The system provides tools to help developers easily create high-quality DApp (decentralized applications) and expand their own networks without spending too much.
The biggest advantage of GES Global lies in the large ecosystem, including GES Token, GES Wallet,, games and applications. In particular, GES Token is considered as an operating fuel, acting as a digital asset and the development motivation of the entire system.
Benefits of GES Token
GES Token is expected to officially be sold via Pre-sales on June 01, 2020 (starting price of 0.05USDT / Token) with a supply of 60 million GES Token.

GES Token allocation.

The investment in this ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency provides an opportunity to become a GES holder. Based on the amount of Token held, each person receives a reward from the corresponding revenue.
According to GES Group, that mechanism helps increase the demand for more GES Token ownership. The greater the demand for GES tokens, the higher the value and the more sustainable the growth.
Moreover, GES Token owners enjoy many benefits thanks to the huge revenue from partners using GES Wallet, transaction fees on and the game ecosystem.
Ecosystem strength
Thanks to the ability to run on multiple block chains, GES Token becomes the optimal transaction method in the ecosystem of GES Group and partners, ensuring asset ownership for users.
“When a request is sent to GES, it will be integrated and sent to a target blockchain in the system for retrieval. The blockchain was selected to identify and process this transaction in order to provide the most optimal processing capability in the entire system calculated at the time the transaction is sent”, the company explained. That measure is supposed to help reduce the load on blockchains, avoiding local congestion at certain times.

In addition, all components in the chain can interact with each other, using data and assets on other chains. For example, players can exchange items or tokens between different games, depending on the developer’s policy. The model is considered to be more modern and safer than games operated on centralized servers, while forming a close link in the ecosystem.

For new games and applications that run on the platform, GES Group supports developers to expand, promote content through the app store and refund tokens to reduce the initial cost burden for them can focus on improving user experience.
The company commit to maintaining transparency, stability and minimizing risks for all transactions (loans, payments, currency exchanges) thanks to its multi-layer security system and smart contract auditing of the GES Wallet, as well as all games and applications in the ecosystem.

The vision of “unlimited gaming experience”
In the explosion of blockchain technology and video games, GES Group is establishing new partnerships with many partners in the gaming industry such as GemVip, Play Royal Casino and Game Wallet Portal. Thereby, players around the globe can make transactions more convenient and safe.
“We work closely with traditional game developers and blockchain games, and other ecosystems that use blockchain to take advantage of all the opportunities to expand the ecosystem,” GES Group said.

Development roadmap.

Trusted Partnership
Not difficult to mention some outstanding names in the list of potential partners of GES Group, including King Invest, based in the Netherlands and Dash Investment by financial consultant Jonathan Dash, author of “5 Steps. for Selecting” and appeared in many publications of Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg or CNBC. Both companies pledged capital contribution of about 3-5 million USD. Besides are CyberMedia, Digital Octopus, Binance, CoinBase, MXC, Tron …