Top 7 ERC-20 Token

Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard allows investors to buy and transfer tokens conveniently and quickly.

ERC-20 is currently the most popular standard Token Ethereum in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) project through Ethereum. ERC-20 is applied by “Ethereum Request for Comments”, a type of Token Smart Contact that operates on Ethereum Blockchain and has a unique ID code of 20. The difference between ERC-20 and the conventional Token is the letter “0x” at the start of the address.

ERC-20 is released by Blockchain Fabian Vogelstekker in the end of 2015 with a set of common rules with six compulsory rules and three optional rules to make sure the Token compatible with Ethereum Network Ecosystem. In general, ERC-20 makes every transaction easier



Despite being an alternative Blockchain, which separated from EOS, XENON was first released through Smart Contract on Blockchain Ethereum. Until last year, the community which owning this type of Token reached nearly 750.000 people. With capitalization of 710.690 USD, the completed XENON is only got the time problem.

OmiseGo (OMG)


The first challenge of XEON is OmiseGo. The financial technology based on Ethereum with a market of capitalization of 220 million USD. OmiseGo just offered last year with a large amount of Token. There are over 650.000 people owning this Token



VIN is a brand-new Blockchain, it concentrates on exploring vehicle registration data, making transportation management more transparent. Over 480.000 people owner VIN Token confident of the market capitalization more than 3.3 million.



Data is playing an important role in Technology. Therefore, Steamr, the decentralized network development team for real-time data, implement DATAcoin. The project impressed over 430.000 investor with the market capitalized of 8,73 million USD. However, Steamr has a problem on controlling the amount of DATACoin release to the market.



UCASH made a hit when it was published. Nevertheless, it become less attraction recently. Now, the project of building network transform cash into cryptocurrency has not been completed because of the problems on deploying in the real world. The UCASH Community has over 320.000 people who feel satisfy with 3,779 million USD. However, the UCASH Token value decrease significantly this make some investor worried about the future of this project.

Binance (BNB)


Most people who passionate with cryptocurrency believe in the potential of Binance Coin. The market capitalize of the project is currently at 4.83 billion USD and there is no sign of stopping. Binance Token attracted around 315.000 owner and It is one of the most ERC-20 Token that can generate transaction – 2 billions USD per day.

GES Token (GES)

GES Token.

Different from other mentioned Token, GES tokens are in a rich ecosystem for gamers and video game developers. GES plans to list on some of the leading exchanges in 2020, with 160 million tokens sold through the fundraising Angel Sale, Pre-sales and IEO. The company plans to launch GES/USDT and GES/GEM payment pairs on the exchange. Besides, investors can also be more secure thanks to the storage feature on the wallet GES Wallet developed by the managed company.