Which exchange will GES token appear on

At least three reputable exchanges Gexchange.io, MXC and Poloniex are expected to list GES Token in the up coming month.



Gexchange.io is an exchange researched and developed by GES Group. Although newly launched, Gexchang.io is considered a secure exchange, allowing the conversion of GES Token to GEM Token for use in the game ecosystem of the company and partners at a relatively cheap fee. In addition, investors can at Smart Contract, change from GES Token to Ether (USDT) and cryptocurrencies of other projects. Gexchange supports two languages, including English and Vietnamese.



GES Token is expected to go to Poloniex in the Q3 of 2020. This is a US-based exchange, popular among crypto enthusiasts before names like Binance or Huobi.

Poloniex currently supports more than 120 different trading pairs. Since the 2014 attack, Poloniex has focused on fixing vulnerabilities and has not encountered any security incidents so far. In addition to the regular exchange of cryptocurrencies, the exchange also supports lending and margin trading. However, the lack of Vietnamese language can cause some difficulties for investors.



According to some internal sources, GES Token is negociating with MXC to be listed in the Q3 of 2020. This money exchange was built by leading Wall Street financial expert and blockchain technology expert from Europe, Japan. MXC offers a variety of language options, including Vietnamese, English and Japanese.

Investors can make more than 120 different trading pairs on MXC. Another plus point is the identity verification system (KYC) and Anti-Fishing security to confirm the official information. MXC also supports flexible trading, including creating smart contracts and deposits. Introducing commission rate of MXC is also relatively high depending on the amount of MXC held.

However, the interface is somewhat confusing with too much information that makes it difficult for investors to get used to. Besides, the system may experience problems during deposit / withdrawal.



Binance is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Malta, which is considered the “paradise” of the blockchain industry. Binance supports more than 460 trading pairs on the platform. With a low transaction fee and extremely fast processing speed (1.4 million sales orders per second), Binance attracts the largest volume of trading on the cryptocurrency market. In addition, investors did not encounter any obstacles because Binance has Vietnamese interface and multilingual support team on Telegram.

The disadvantage of Binance is that it does not support margin trading like MXC or Poloniex. As a famous exchange, Binance regularly faces the risk of being attacked. In July 2018, an anonymous electronic currency was “inflated” by hackers to the equivalent of 96 Bitcoin. Listing GES Token on Binance is part of GES Group’s long-term plan, but the high registration cost will be a big challenge for the company.



Although not a cryptocurrency exchange, CoinMarketCap (CMC) is still on this list because it is a reputable page, statistics information of all cryptocurrencies.

Users can find the detailed information on the number of transactions in the CMC within 24 hours, the value fluctuations in%, the total amount of cryptocurrencies in circulation, the capitalization … Usually, investors find information on CMC before deciding to invest. Therefore, appearing on CMC is a necessary condition for any type of Coin / Token.

According to GES Group, the company plans to list the GES Token on CMC by the end of 2020 and continue to develop its ecosystem to make it into the top 20 most valuable cryptocurrencies this year.